How to Debate a Liberal – Humor

LIberalism mentalLiberalism is a mental disorder – ALL Liberals must be considered mentally ill; I’m not joking.

Liberals consider a Conservative their greatest enemy and thus it’s OK to lie, steal, and cheat Conservatives. When you debate a Liberal you will find that they actually believe the lies other Liberals spread.

Liberals are ALWAYS mad, livid, and full of hatred towards Conservatives. So how do you debate a Liberal?

Facts that do not support the Liberal viewpoint are worthless to Liberals.

Polls that Liberals use to “prove” their points are ALWAYS phony and rigged.

Quotes that Liberals use are distorted and selectively edited.

Don’t expect to EVER change the mind of a Liberal – your goal, when debating Liberals, is to convince moderates and RINOs that the Conservative viewpoint is correct and the Liberal viewpoint is wrong. Also, making fun of Liberals is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Liberals like to supply links that simply refer other Liberal lies and offer these links as the truth in what they talk about; poke fun at one of the insane results that these kind of polls reveal.

Liberals carry a Liberal Dictionary where ever they go and challenge you on just about every definition of every word you use to debate them; just make fun of their definitions.

So how do you debate a Liberal? Simple – make fun of them all the time; use humor in all your posts – Liberals are livid 24/7 and can’t stand someone making fun of them. That’s why so many comedians are Liberals – so few Liberals have a sense of humor that the few who do become Hollywood stars!

Be very brief in what you say – Liberals can’t stand to read but 3 to 5 sentences and then get bored. The briefer your statement the better – if you use more than 5 sentences you are just wasting your time with Liberals.

Here are some examples:

[Lets say a Liberal is babbling on and on about gun control]

Your response:

Why not put a sign on your front yard “Gun-Free Zone inside”?

Let us know how that turns out…


Folks will smile when they see your response to the hatred of the Liberal and know that the Liberal would never put up a sign like that.

Another example:

[The Liberal a survey about how 80% of the folks want gun control]

Your response:

The same survey found that 95% of Americans want a free Obama-phone too.

Phony survey put on by Liberals with an agenda to destroy the 2nd Amendment.


Poke fun at the Liberal and then make the obvious statement that the Liberal poll was a lie which they ALL are.

Hope you get the idea…


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